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Why buy high quality branded brakes?

Whether you own the latest Honda Civic, a BMW, or perhaps a sporty Lamborghini the brakes are one of the most essential and necessary safety features in your vehicle. Bad brakes cause dozens of accidents in the UK alone. The brakes are responsible for making contact with your wheels and essentially stopping or slowing down the vehicle. A problem with the brakes at high speed can be disastrous. However, in 90% of cases the brakes just donít suddenly fail. Brakes will start to fail slowly and gradually until they are unable to stop your vehicle. That said a low-quality brake made from cheap material could suddenly fall off or break off from the caliper and cause an accident.

How to buy high-quality brakes?

One of the things you need to bear in mind when purchasing brakes is that they are not all the same. Take for instance the fact that a set of brakes that you use on your Toyota Corolla cannot be used on your Honda Civic or BMW. All cars use a slightly different design. That said a high-quality brake would be made from durable material. The brakes will also come backed by a warranty. Experts advise that car owners only buy brake calipers and parts from reputed brands in the industry. At we sell the highest quality brakes and parts for all vehicles. So, you can be assured of buying parts that will last long and perform efficiently.

Donít forget the brake pads

The other most important aspect of your vehicleís brakes are the pads. The brake pads consist of a thick metal strip which is coated with a thick granular brake coating. However, even though to a regular person the difference between an expensive and cheap brake pad may not be evident, it does make a huge difference. Cheap brake pads are often coated with a low-quality material which does not perform well under wet or extremely dry conditions. Also, the material can become brittle in certain conditions and simply break off which can end up causing an accident at high speeds.

Why buy from us?

At we highly recommend that people buy genuine brake pads manufactured by top-class brands like the ones we sell. We only sell high-performance brake pads that last long, are extremely reliable and are capable of performing under the wet and dry conditions experienced across the UK. All brake pads and brake parts sold have been extensively tested and proven to be of the best quality.

If you need help buying the right brake pads and parts for your vehicle then contact us today for assistance. You can also get in touch with us via email for advice on the right brake parts for your vehicle.

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